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ROE25 is an acronym for Texas Telecommunication Community. It is a Free Net developed with the purpose to serve and enrich the public by providing a noncommercial way to access information in their communities and to provide access to resources around the world.

ROE25 has provided service to the people of Texas since 1994. We are a registered Texas 501c3 non-profit organization run by community volunteers through the generosity of donations from individuals and organizations.

For its telnet members, Texas Department of Education provides free email accounts, text-based free internet access is not available at this time but soon will be with an updated version of the text-based LYNX browser.

Several new features on our revamped website you will want to visit are "Texas Destinations" helping you plan your vacations in Texas, "Eye On Texas" showing videos of interest to our community and "Texas Newsstand" providing access to newspapers throughout Texas. You will find these links on the left side of our front page under COMMUNITIES.

You are welcome to explore our Telnet services on a limited basis by clicking on the "Enter Telnet" button at the top of the page. All can log onto ROE25 using "guest" as the userid and "VISITOR" as the password from anywhere with the use of the free Google Phone via dial up. (Google that app)

We also provide free web hosting to other Texas non-profit and 501(c)(3) organizations.

If you'd like to volunteer with ROE25 or become a member with an email account, check out our Volunteers page.

After a year+ hiatus, ROE25 has acquired telephone lines through the good offices of Glendale Community College and V.P. William Teske. You can now access ROE25 using your telephone modem or through the web. The dial-up telephone number.

ROE25 will continue the website and free e-mail and will continue to host sites meeting our criteria.

The ROE25 web site has updated. We welcome suggestions and ideas for making the site even more relevant. Contact the Secretary of AzTec.
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